At Paul Toogood Photography, we use the highest quality digital cameras and processing equipment. Digital provides equal and often better quality results than "film" especially for live events. The response of a digital camera to tungsten lighting is more interesting and warmer than film. Moreover, digital has a wider dynamic range allowing for more detail in shadows and dark areas providing far superior results than traditional film photographers.

Another digital advantage is instant feed back in our studio - a major benefit to us and to you. Not only can any minor problems be noticed on the computer monitors and corrected almost immediately, but also feedback can be given to the photographer while the shoot is still in progress. This is useful if not indispensible for commercial and fashion photography where the smallest of details is crucial.

Product turnaround for digital is much faster. The most advanced processing shop cannot process pictures as fast as our state of the art computers. If the end result is intended for the printed page or even for the WEB, traditional film still has to be scanned. With digital cameras you were already there avoiding a loss of time and quality to scan to a second generation. At events we can post images live to the WEB - while the artists are still on stage! We do this while simultaneously keeping a large high quality image for printing later. Check out to see this years results from the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

As you may know, high-end digital cameras and all the related equipment for viewing, editing, storing and printing don't come cheaply. Thanks to recent improvements in technology and through efficient handling of large volumes of work, we've managed to keep our overhead and production costs in line with film-based competitors. We think that you'll find that our rates are very competetive, in addition to providing superior coverage of your events. Call for quote today.